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Christmas Markets at Home & Away


Manchester Christmas Markets spread throughout Manchester offer European Delights
Albert Square, Manchester Christmas Market

Skyping with our Uk friends, they were telling us of their trip to Manchester’s Christmas markets. Apparently they are held all over the city, each with their own personality, themes and products. They have a German Christmas Market that is very popular, listening to my friends it seem to be about the abundance of food and drink. Warmed spiced cider, egg nog and mulled wine, It seems strange to us here in our summer  the idea of drinking warm drinks, we tend to have our chocolate ice cold not steaming in mugs with whipped cream on. Mind you I really would like to visit one and soak up the atmosphere.

Delicious english fudge for sale at the Manchester Christmas market
English Fudge at the Christmas Market

We have own Christmas markets here not quite the same as in Europe but they have great atmosphere and are loads of fun. A mixture of our own culture , showcasing some fun ideas and Christmas novelties from home and abroad.

Christmas markets in New Zealand are multicultural, in Auckland you can find Scandinavian Market
Auckland’s Scandinavian Christmas Market


A Variety of Christmas Goods are available at all the Kiwi Christmas Markets
Featherston Christmas Market – Wairarapa

Now the type of drinks  and food you will find on our markets reflect the fact it is our summer, with more BBQ cuisine and beer likely to be found than anything else. Although I have found some interesting cocktails to serve at our Christmas lunch, mind you as long as it has vodka, cranberry juice and ice I am a happy lady.