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A trip to ‘Middle Earth’


Replica of The Green Dragon Inn, found in The Shire and seen in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies
The Green Dragon Inn

Thought this post I would share a day trip we did from our home. We thought it was about time we did a trip to Middle Earth! Yes , we decided to visit Hobbiton, where they filmed the Middle Earth village that can be seen in the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit  movies. We decided to go via an organised tour, as you have to take the guided tour for Hobbiton anyway and it gave hubby a chance to relax ( yes its Elaine writing today) and enjoy the drive. It really is a lovely scenic drive and the tour company took us one way and back the other. There are many tour companies operating trips but  we went with a private tour as we took the family. It was a good decision, looked after us very well and we got to learn some interesting facts about our own neighbourhood.  The route took us past a historical battlefield and other famous Maori sites special to Maori Royalty. The Waikato River and Taupiri Mountains where fabulous and a definite day out for us another time.

A Historical and special area of the Waikato tribe.
Waikato River, with Taupiri mountain at left

Enjoyed it so much will definitely use them again for a family trip out. So much easy than having to organise everything and everyone by myself!!! The village is amazing, although I would have prefered a longer tour. Info about the filming, designing and building was given. Being a bit vertically challenged, the kids and I had no problem with the size of the homes. Food was organised and we ate in a private area next to the Green Dragon Inn along with a drink in said inn! All in all a great day out.