‘Murder’ Villages


A lovely example of a peaceful English country scene, South Oxfordshire where Midsomer Murders is filmed
Little Wittenham – English Countryside


While we lived in the UK one of our favourite television programmes was Midsomer Murders, a charming, if you can call  three to four murders an episode charming, detective serial led by the very English Inspector Barnaby. The fictional town of Causton is the headquarters and the action and episodes take place in a number of idyllic English villages, where not all is at it seems!! The thatch roofed homes and beautiful gardens, alongside stately homes and the quintessential cricket grounds not to mention the typical English pubs are all to be actually found in South Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The interesting names of some of these villages bear  reference to their historical context, with  names like ‘Brightwell Baldwin’ or ‘Little Wittenham” seemed to be names from Agatha Christie novels. Not far from London, both these areas are especially good to visit for a weekend or midweek break. If you fancy walking in the footsteps of Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby then book yourself in a local B & B and  then arrange to take one of the guided tours that are available. I thoroughly recommend that you do even if you have never seen the serial – the area is so lovely and so English, from the pub menus to the thatched cottages.

If you fancy watching the series, You Tube has a number of the episodes on and if you get FilmON you can see the new series which has a new Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby – actually a very good transition in this enjoyable romp.




Thatched Cottage South Oxfordshire where Midsomer Murders is filmed
Thatched Cottage South Oxfordshire




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