The Hidden Beauty of Brighton


There are typically two reasons that people travel to England for a vacation of any sorts. 1) They want to see the old-world cottages, the old appeal of a simpler time of life, and everything the historic side of England has to offer. 2) They want to see London and everything that it is today, a city only second to New York in world significance and diversity. Well, there’s actually a place in England where you can get both of these aspects with one trip: Brighton.

Brighton is a relatively mediocre town by the sea, by all accounts, until you really dive into what the town is offering. Located south of London, Brighton is like a trip to a modern city – if that modern city happened to pop up around the turn of the century before last. You still have big buildings. You still have modern roads. You still have a lot of diversity. But you also have unspoiled suburbs that give you a taste of old-world England. You have great museums, a Royal Pavilion, and many old-school pubs to break up the city pace.

Brighton isn’t exactly an undiscovered location. Many tourists head here every year. However, it’s nowhere near as busy as London, so there’s plenty of room for sightseeing and typical vacationing.


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